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How will Facebook Analytics discontinuation affect marketers and businesses?

How will Facebook Analytics discontinuation affect marketers and businesses?

 Facebook Analytics is No Longer Available – What Should Marketers Do?

Social media is a powerful tool for marketers and businesses to reach their target audience, engage them through valuable and meaningful content, and turn them into loyal customers. Research shows that there are over 19 million people in Canada that use Facebook actively.

So, this social platform offers a wide range of opportunities to Canadian businesses to communicate with potential and existing customers. Facebook Analytics would allow marketers to simplify data and gain a deeper understanding of their audiences’ behaviour, demographic data and run targeted ad campaigns to promote their products.

Unfortunately, Facebook Analytics is no longer available to businesses and marketers, meaning they are deprived of reports, charts, tables, demographics data, and other insights to run their social media marketing campaigns. In today’s article, we will discuss the impact of Facebook Analytics discontinuation on marketers and some alternative solutions. Read on!


The Impact of Facebook Analytics Discontinuation

The reason why Facebook has discontinued Analytics is not entirely clear. However, it will impact businesses and marketers, preventing them from analyzing valuable data, such as views, clicks, likes, comments, time spent by users in ads, conversion rates, etc. Bear in mind that marketers rely on data, and Facebook provided a wealth of information to businesses about their audiences.

However, you will no longer see people’s interaction with your company and may face challenges to optimize your customer journey. Discontinuation means you can’t create a custom audience profile of your valuable customers, get stats from automated insights, create a dashboard of your most insightful reports, run and analyze cohort reports, and calculate percentiles.

These features were important in running targeted Facebook marketing campaigns, but unfortunately, they are no longer available. Remember, this will affect your customer engagement strategies, lead generation rates, and overall returns on investments (ROIs). The good news is that Facebook offers various other tools that you can use as alternatives to gain valuable information and insights. Let us now discuss them. Continue reading!


Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is an effective tool to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can use this platform to manage all of your Facebook marketing activities. The Business Suite’s Insights section is a powerful feature of this tool, allowing you to extract insights from organic and paid Facebook/Instagram ad results.

Not only does Facebook Business Suite allows you to see trends, metrics, and visual response, but you can also analyze engagement, including likes and comments. In addition, the tool allows for demographic data analysis about your followers and the reach of your Facebook page.


Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is another alternative solution to Analytics. It is an essential part of the Facebook Business Manager, allowing users to review content insights, analyze traffic trends, and details about your audience.

You will have a clear picture of who is following your account or page, watching, liking, and commenting on your content. So, you can use Facebook Insights to dive deep into your potential and existing customers to effectively target your ads and organic content.


Creator Studio

Creator Studio is an essential tool designed for content creators, allowing them to post, track, manage, and monetize into one place. Using this tool is an excellent way to determine your eligibility for new features and monetization opportunities.

The Creator Studio’s insights section features a wide range of metrics that give you valuable information on your audience and the reach of your content, business pages, and earnings.

You can access insights like:

  • Impressions, reach, and engagement
  • New followers on Facebook and Instagram
  • A detailed breakdown of your followers and viewers
  • Content performance and audience loyalty


Although the reason for discontinuing Facebook Analytics is not apparent, we think the company wants to consolidate its various other tools to streamline its customer journey on Facebook and Instagram.

The good news is, you still have access to data but it will be different than the way you are used to and may have a small cost depending on how much data you want to obtain.


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