Don’t let a bad apple sway you away from your future success

Digital marketing will work for any business if done correctly. That was the last thought I had after speaking with a business owner.

I had a meeting with a company and when I asked what he is doing in the digital space to grow his business, he shared with me a little story why he doesn’t believe it works in his industry. He mentioned he was working with a company for a few months and saw no return. Now he believes, digital doesn’t work.  He explained that what he is doing, works fine for him. Which only consist of networking events.

Don’t get me wrong, I go to networking events as well, but it’s not the only marketing tool I use. If it was, I wouldn’t be around for very long, now would I 😉

Let me give you a little analogy. Business relationships are very similar to a dating relationship. You meet someone who promises you the world. In the beginning, it is great because they are putting their best foot forward. After some time, you start realizing that person may not be the right one. They might have lied or you might have seen traits that aren’t appealing. After the relationship has ended, you might be a bit untrusting or hesitate to jump into another relationship right away. Which is normal.

Now let me be clear, taking a break is normal but it doesn’t mean you should never date again. Just because that person was not the one, doesn’t mean no other person can be. You need to get out there and keep trying until you find the right match.

This holds true to a business relationship. You will be approached by many companies to try their services. Most will promise to be the one. They may or may not be. Some may be dishonest and promise the moon, while others may be truthful but it’s just not the right fit for your company. This should not be the reason to dismiss any other company trying to make it work for you. It could just be that particular solution was not presented well or not managed correctly. You should not give up entirely. You have to keep looking for the right solution.

I will say this over and over again until people understand this….digital marketing is not going anywhere. The sad truth is if you do not try and start soon, you will fall behind your competition. Why would you want to wait till your so far behind that it will take a lot more budget to get seen.

Right now, in this present moment small to medium size businesses have a small window that they can make a footprint with a modest budget. Give it another couple of years and I can’t promise it will be the same. Don’t be like those businesses who failed to embrace change and are no longer with us because they thought the internet was a “Fad”. I wonder where they are now.

Make digital marketing your friend. You might have to work with a couple of partners to find the right fit but like all things in life worth anything …you have to work on it to find success.

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