Successfully running a Business as a Couple

Valentine’s Day has inspired me to share some tips for couples running a business. It not easy to make a relationship work but throw a business on top of that makes it even harder. Here are a few tip to keep both relationships healthy.

Tip #1 Clearly define your roles and responsibilities. 

 Defining this will clearly give both of you an understanding of who is the boss. Someone needs to make the final call. Establishing this ahead of time will have everyone on the same page and will help avoid resentment.

Tip #2 Carve out time for each other. 

Set aside time to spend with each other without talking about the business.   This is important to understand the time spent together at work doesn’t satisfy the emotional connection you both need in your relationship. You need to continue to still have interests with each other that is not focused on the business. 

Tip #3 Hire an Objective Advisor.

Engaging in a objective third party who can draw up an agreement from the start and enforce it quarterly, will keep you both on track. This will address difficult issue and measure progression of your goals. Having a third party helps solve situations that may be in a stale mate.

Tip #4 Keep the lines of communication open

The line between business and love are often blurred and that’s ok. As long as there is a commitment to openly communication and engage in active listing, let the two be intertwined.  Everything drills down to your belief system and if that is aligned, your relationship and business will thrive. 

Tip #5 Be clear with your expectations

Set clear expectations and stick to them. Set aside time for work and time for your personal lives and hold each other accountable. It’s all about communication, boundaries and respecting each other, at work and at home. 

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